TEC Computer Class Descriptions

Is it time to develop your computers skills and knowledge?  Ready to build technical abilities that can help you at work, in school, and in life?

The goal of our computer training program is to provide people with essential computer skills that are needed today in the workforce, in school and in every day life.  By providing free computer classes for community residents, we are helping them build their skills so they are able to obtain a job or continue on with their education.  Our computer lab has 14 computers which are all updated with the latest software and technology.  Our classes occur every week with morning and afternoon classes available.

All classes are at UROC (Robert J. Jones Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center), located in North Minneapolis. The full address is 2001 Plymouth Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN, 55411.

Computer Maintenance: Want to learn more on how to fix and care for computers? In this class, you will learn basic tips for solving everyday computer issues at home such as resolving slow computer issues, faster internet, virus removal, add and remove hardware, add and remove software.

Excel Basics 2010: Need help preparing a budget, creating graphs or keeping track of information?  Take the Microsoft Excel 2007 class for Beginners and learn how to create and edit spreadsheets, enter formulas, apply formats, print Excel documents and more.

Intermediate Excel 2010 (Prerequisite: Excel Basics or equivalent knowledge)
This is an intermediate class on Microsoft Excel, and covers such topics as using functions to calculate totals and find averages, creating simple charts, sorting and filtering data, working with multiple worksheets, and introduction to pivot tables.

Excel: Charts (Prerequisite: Excel Basics or equivalent knowledge)
Charts will help you understand your data and communicate with others. This class covers making simple charts, modifying charts, and choosing the most appropriate chart type for your data.

Excel: Using Pivot Tables (Prerequisite: Excel Basics or equivalent knowledge)
Do you have lists of data, like address lists or product lists, that you’d like to be able to quickly analyze and understand? This class covers using pivot tables to analyze that data.

Excel: Managing Data (Prerequisite: Excel Basics or equivalent knowledge)
Do you have lists of data, like address lists or product lists, that you’d like to keep better track of? This class covers ways to manage that data, such as sorting and filtering, calculating totals and averages, and cleaning up data to make it more usable.

Internet Basics: Learn more about how to use the Internet to perform basic searches with the Internet Basics class. We will show you how to use Google maps to get directions, view public transportation schedules, check the news and more.

Internet Safety: If you use the Internet, it’s important to practice safe habits so you can protect you and your family’s personal information. In this class, you will learn about email scams and spam, online shopping and banking, viruses and more!

Open Lab: During the Open Lab session, students can come and get more practice on Typing, doing extra Word, Excel, or PowerPoint exercises, work on their resume, complete their proficiency certificate, etc. Instructor(s) will be available to answer questions.

PowerPoint Basics 2010: PowerPoint allows you to combine text, pictures, graphics, video/audio clips, web pages and more to create compelling presentations. This class is for beginners and covers such topics as choosing a design template, creating slides, running a presentation and more.

QuickBooks - Getting Started: Get started with QuickBooks®, an application used to manage finances for a small business or non-profit. QuickBooks is a complex program - this class will get you started with creating invoices, recording payments, and tracking your bank deposits.

Typing: Want to become a fast typer?  Whether you’re a beginner typer or an intermediate typer, this class is for you.  By using Mavis Beacon, a typing program, you can go through the lessons at your own pace to improve your speed and accuracy.  It also provides you with custom lessons, skill-building games and immediate feedback on how you’re doing.

Video Editing with YouTube: Get started using the video editing features in YouTube, all of which are freely available. Learn how to trim off unwanted video, add titles, and work with audio, as well as strategies for shooting effective video.

Word Basics 2010: Designing a flyer or brochure?  Writing a resume or cover letter? This class is for you! Learn how to navigate through Word, edit text, format a paragraph, create lists with bullets and numbers, use spell check and more.

Intermediate Word - Building a Resume (Prerequisite: Word Basics class or equivalent)
In this class, clients will use Microsoft Word to write a job resume. This class will offer tips for what to do or not to do when creating a resume. The class objectives include: Applying fonts; Using bullet points; Applying headers; Formatting (How and when to use bold, italicize, and underline buttons); How to print a document; and Tips on building the best resume.

Word: Mail Merge (Prerequisite: Word Basics class or equivalent)
Do you want to create personalized letters and envelopes, or directories of people, equipment, or supplies? This class will show you how to prepare your source data in Microsoft Excel, create a document in Microsoft Word, and merge the two with Word’s Mail Merge feature.

Website Basics (Prerequisite: Computer Basics or equivalent)
Get started building a website using WordPress, a free-to-start online service for creating and hosting websites. This class covers getting a basic, professional looking site set up with news, contact information, and pictures, as well as how to get a unique web address for your site.

Windows 10 (Prerequisite: Computer Basics or equivalent)
Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft's operating system for PCs and tablets. It was released July 29, 2015. Topics include: Navigating the desktop; opening applications; searching for files and apps; adjusting your settings; tips and tricks for managing windows; and personalizing your desktop.

Online Resources

New User Tutorial - Introduction to vary basic computer skills

Online Keyboarding Course

Everybody learns differently. If a class setting isn't right for you or you can't make a certain class time, we also provide one-on-one training sessions.

For more information about our classes or customized class training, please contact Metallica Ponce at 612-624-3704 or at mponce@umn.edu.