About Community Health Initiative (CHI)

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The Community Health Initiative (CHI) is a unique effort that focuses directly on communities that face public health disparities and other socio-economic issues. This initiative is a direct result of a partnership between Medica and the University of Minnesota's Office for Business & Community Economic Development, which is committed to advancing the quality of life for Minnesota communities. This is achieved through a variety of successful, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations.

Advancing Health Care in Our Communities

Public health disparities significantly challenge historically underrepresented groups such as people of color. They face difficulties when faced with the cost, quality or availability of health care, social services or public health resources.

The Community Health Initiative (CHI) responds by providing resources to help community-based nonprofit organizations and businesses that impact public health, social services, medicine or medical technology. The CHI program addresses health disparities and socio-economic issues by supporting University of Minnesota students from underrepresented backgrounds, with special consideration for students of color.

CHI serves these communities through:

The University of Minnesota's Office for Business & Community Economic Development is a proud partner among those committed to improving Minnesota communities. The Community Health Initiative is made possible by Medica, a founding partner and leading provider of health plans and services in the upper midwest, and other important collaborators and sponsors.


CHI Student Experience - 2016

BCED - Community Health Initiative (CHI) Students Experience 2016