jEM 2017 Photos

2 2017 jEM students engaged in outdoor activities
Group Shot of 2017 jEM Cohort outside of the Breaking Bread Cafe
2017 jEM Student and Facilitator engaged in a hands on exhibit at the Science Museum
2 2017 jEM Students participating in an exercise as part of a visit to the Penumbra Theater
jEM 2017 Cohort sitting down to eat at El Burrito Mercado as part of a field trip to visit local Entrepreneurs
a 2017 jEM Student visiting the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence as part of "a Slice of College Life" day.
Group shot of 2017 jEM Cohort during a field trip to Breaking Bread in North Minneapolis
2 2017 jEM Students eating at El Burrito Mercado in Saint Paul
Group shot of 2017 jEM Cohort outside of Minnesota History Museum
jEM 2017 Cohort students gathered around a table in discussion