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The MISSION of OBCED is to contribute to the economic growth, development, and prosperity of Minnesota communities.

OBCED is a Social Enterprise whose purpose is to leverage the assets and resources of the University to create programs and services that provide innovative solutions to socioeconomic problems that impact communities.

OBCED ValuesImpact economic development, encourage Innovation, and Invest in communities.

Listening Session Update 09.03.2020

The U of M cross-disciplinary listening session team met with representatives from Medtronic,Hennepin County and the Minnesota Department of Administration. All of the meetings were informative and provided valuable information that we are excited to share with the appropriate decision makers within the University of Minnesota.

The U of M team in collaboration with Supplier Diversity managers and directors who are known for their “Best Practices” in Supplier Diversity programs, will review all of the information we received. After evaluating the information and collaborating internally with our procurement professionals and external suppliers, we will submit a proposal to recommend changes to the university’s current RFP process.

Our intent is now, and has always been to increase engagement and ensure competive access for diverse suppliers. As we enter into the final stages of our charge, we acknowledge the length of time that our information gathering process has taken and we appreciate your continued patience and support.


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