Targeted Business Database

The Targeted Business Directory is intended to increase the utilization of Targeted Businesses, business enterprises owned and operated by women, minority and/or persons with disabilities (WMDBEs). To ensure that all vendors meet the University’s definition of Targeted Business, it is required that each registered vendor be certified by at least one of the following 6 University-recognized Targeted Business Certification Agencies listed at the bottom of this page.

To conduct a search, click "Goods & Services," "Construction" or "Full Listings" at the top of the screen.

"Goods & Services" allows you to search for goods and services, filtered by specific good or service providers.

"Construction" allows you to search businesses that provide construction services.

"Full Listings" allows you to view the entire list of businesses. You are able to filter results by the first letter of the business name.

Disclaimer: Directory is to be used to identify businesses only. Please note that for the most current information, you can visit the following links to access the certification agencies or contact the BCED Office at (612) 624-0530 or e-mail: